I'm from Brno, Czech Republic. I moved to New York, went to art school, become a ski-lift operator, a deckhand, a mother - and eventually - an artist. Here is a list of few things that interest me at the moment: words and images that appear in dreams (always, for a long time), the shapes and colors of socks and underwear dropped on the bathroom floor (out of desperation), making letters out of clay (like poor man's earthy neon signs), making real things based on internet images (because there is so many of them and sometimes we confuse them for the real thing), capturing the first moments of flowers sprouting to life (they look good in photos), watching the green grass grow (and making videos), making passion tea sugar cubes (and making videos), and what happens when you place the inside out, invite the outside in and generally do things backwards. Also, I run NEPO House.